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Moving from V130-33-R2 to V130-33-TR20

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I have a working code downloaded to a V130-33-R2 model that uses an analog input. This works perfect, however after some years the hmi screen does not work properly anymore. I tried to order that same part number but apparently Unitronics does not sell that PLC anymore. Therefore, I bought a similar one (V130-33-TR20) , however when I download the code to this new plc, the analog input does not read anything anymore. I even changed the HW configuration to the right model. Am I missing something else I need to change in the configurations to make this code work?



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Cam and Flex both have the first things to look at.  Other things if they don't work.

Initialise and reset.

If you are using the latest Visilogic to do things, in theory your older code has been updated by using it.  You should have encountered a screen that said your code was done in an older version and changes would be made to the original, with the original saved as a backup in the same folder using the same name but with numbers as the extension .  Note whilst you are on this screen that it lists the Visilogic Version it was originally done in/will work with without modifications.   If all else fails use the specific copy of Visilogic mentioned, change the hardware etc and see how it goes.  I don't know your actual "in production timing overlap", so hopefully the TR20 will be shown in the hardware list of the Visi copy you need.  If it isn't then use the latest version. 

Bearing in mind the previous point, note that in the latest Visilogic version the R2 is still shown in HW config.  It should transition you to the TR20 ok.

If you go online to the TR20 whilst running, what is the actual reading shown for the input in question?  It should be somewhere between 0-1024, depending on what type of input it is.  If it is 0 or 1024, you need to read with a meter (that can read such transducer etc outputs) what the input is without it being connected to the plc, simply to check that it is still functioning ok.

cheers, Aus


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