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Password Entry can be seen via VNC session


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When connected remotely through VNC, if someone is standing at the HMI they can easily see passwords as they are being entered.

The button presses appear as the keys are pressed remotely.

Many times when I connect remotely is to troubleshoot and there is normally an operator looking on locally.

Is there any setting available to disable the key presses when connected remotely?




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  • MVP 2023

Denis, are you saying that on each button press the required result is being shown on screen? 

In Vision this is always shown as a dot.  If Uni doesn't do this as a default I am thinking it should be shot to the top of the Creator's urgently needed modification list.

Being only vaguely familiar with UniLogic, I perhaps incorrectly recall that the ability to have screen areas "brought to the front" etc is available?  This might be a way around the issue, by essentially having a "mask".

cheers, Aus


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Thanks Kratmel and Aus.

The post referenced above is similiar in so far as the buttons pressed on the HMI can be seen on VNC.

The buttons pressed on VNC can also be seen locally on HMI

The post offers no solutions,

Aus - The password that is entered is masked with stars, but as the buttons are pressed on VNC or local on HMI, anyone can easily see the "button pressed" indication on the opposite device.

To get someones password just tell them you have a problem and as they log in remotely watch which buttons are being pressed.

Maybe it is just the VNC viewer I am using that does this (Real VNC), but I will try later with another.




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Hi All,

We already have a solution for this case. As you can see we added the eye button option - if you will click on it the keys will not change their color/shade when pressing and the person who connected by VNC will not be able to see your password.



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