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I just found this in the Visilogic change log and got exited. I finally see the release of a unitronics branded load cell module compatible with Uni-Stream without using CanBus. Of course the project is already done, but all projects are just the start of an evolution. Since I only have two machines loose in the world with this hardware configuration I'd be more than happy to make the change now.  So when can I get my hands on at a minimum the documentation for URS-02LC-8 ? I'd like it yesterday if possible. 

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See I was so excited I skipped the grammar check. ( not that grammar or spelling is something I do well to begin with. )


NEW - UniStream Remote I/O - Expand over Ethernet // Its the last item for inputs. URS-02LC-8

Aside from being  on this page and mentioned in the change log for the Visilogic 9.8.91 it is no where to be found. I searched the knowledge base as well and all that comes up is UL listings. 

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