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Unilogic 1.31.106 Not Opening On Older Win 7 and 10 PCs


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Hi, I've updated to the latest version of Unilogic software, which runs great on my two Windows 10 PCs that are less than 2 years old.  Many others in my organization are using older machines and the program reaches loading components and then crashes.  There are no errors when this happens; the software loading graphics just disappear.  All of these machines do meet the minimum requirements and have up-to-date Windows updates, so I'm not sure how to isolate the issue.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • MVP 2023

I've had this problem.

I don't know if this is definitively true or will solve your issue, but the InstallShield program that many packages use leaves remnants behind when it Uninstalls.  If you did an in-place upgrade of UniLogic this may have happened as it does an Uninstall and then a re-install.

I use RevoUnistaller to rip programs out by the roots.  I had to do this for UniLogic on my Win 7 computer.  Be careful, though, and SQL Express 2012 is part of UniLogic and if you have another programs that use it you may jank them up by tearing it out.  

No, it's not always as simple as clicking the "OK" button when installing software.

Joe T.

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  • MVP 2023

When Flex says Install as Admin, he is actually asking did you use Right Click/Run as Admin.   Not just logged in as an admin.

Another thing to check is whether your A/V is interfering.  I've had my A/V not like a few things Unitronics, and eventually the A/V gods get rid of the false positives following notifications.  A/Vs these days tend to be over-cautious, which can be a good thing, but also annoying if they interrupt something important.

Can you take one of the offenders out of action and temporarily replace it, so that you can find the reason and the full procedure to fix?

cheers, Aus

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After downloading installation file you have to check file properties and unblock it before you start installation.

There is a Button "Unlock" at right-down side of file properties.

Then installation will be without limitation.

As well, after unlocking file you can use option "Install as Admin".

By the way, this explained in "System Requirements" file, which is in the same section as installation file download.



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Thanks for all the tips.  I'm still having the same problem on all Win 7 and older Win 10 machines.  Also, we seem to have different System Requirement documents Alex.  The one I can download doesn't include the instructions in your post.    At least it will run on my newer Win 10 machines.



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