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Linearization FB eyeglasses

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I think that everything is much simpler. Programming the environment itself without this column broke the state of affairs in mutual copy operations.

The fact that there are glasses here is not a disadvantage. I usually put the variables in linearizations in numbering order and see them online below in the operands.

P.S. More recently, in one of forum topic, I discovered that in Data Tables, you can store not one variable, but several in each record. It was helpful. However, this violates the state of affairs with copying and does not allow importing - exporting data tables to Excel.

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  • MVP 2023

On first reading Flex's post I was thinking I must have been missing something as I use this all the time.  You can't change any of the displayed numbers, but I DO use them for checking that all variables I have running in Linz operations are working correctly, especially where I have a few that are cascaded to a final result.  It's a little like using a dedicated Watch list.

Another classic that shows how something can stare you in the face yet you can't see it!


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