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  1. Is the Default gateway correct? Can you ping any IP address outside of your network? What type of email client are you using? Gmail more recently set up new security settings that need to be disabled before sending an email from a third party device.
  2. Currently it is still required to use a UniStream PLC in order to test the code.
  3. When sending the emails do you have a DNS server set up in the Panel Ethernet settings? If you continue to have issues please contact support@unitronics.com Currently the web server does not have the ability to place a data table on screen.
  4. Are you able to send an email without an attachment first to test if the logic and email settings are set up correctly? The file name is the file being linked from the SD card. If you are linking from a Data Sampler the folder name was created in the Sampler settings within UniLogic. Otherwise as you mentioned the data table and alarm log already have pre-defined folders.
  5. Are their any other utilities you can work with to verify the data being sent by the barcode scanner? For example I would recommend testing with a PC based utility program such as Hercules to verify the hardware settings and message format. Once this is known than it can be added in our UniLogic software. If you have not worked with the message composer previously I would also recommend watching our webinar on the topic. It can be viewed using the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8bWtpYDt7E
  6. Currently running more than one instance of UniLogic is not supported. Please know that this feature request has been passed to our development team.
  7. There is a way to accomplish this, though it is not entirely through the ladder code. Within the Solution Explorer there is a section for Actions that can trigger many commands such as loading an HMI screen. A bit can be set from the ladder and then can be executed in the Actions configuration. *Very important! Please know that any bit linked within the Actions configuration will automatically be reset upon executing the operation. Only link bits that can be reset or add a secondary bit for this purpose.
  8. The UniStream supports a VNC connection for remote operation but we are unfamiliar with SSH. Can you explain what you are trying to accomplish?
  9. Our apologies for any inconvenience. Please know that we do appreciate any and all feedback. Feel free to send any feedback or comments to support@unitronics.com Thank you
  10. This currently is how the system processes playing audio media files. It takes a moment for the file to be opened and then executed, which can result in the slight delay that you mentioned.
  11. The sound should automatically be triggered by any project level actions. Is there any process other than the project level actions that is setting/resetting the bit to play this sound?
  12. Yes, this should be possible using the Project Actions configuration which is located in the Solution Explorer in UniLogic. The Project Actions allows you to play a sound, such as a click, when a trigger bit is set. When the button is pressed a bit specifically for the sound can be set, then the Project Actions will play the sound. Please know that any trigger bit linked within Project Actions will automatically be reset by the system, so it is not recommended to use a trigger for multiple purposes.
  13. There does not appear to be anything wrong with the code in the image that you posted. Has this issue occurred again? If the issue is repeatable please send your program in for further review to support@unitronics.com If we are able to replicate this issue consistently we may be able to determine the issue that caused it. Often this type of error occurs when a very specific sequence of events occurs within the PLC. Please let us know the exact conditions of any I/O or settings within the controller that led up to this error being displayed.
  14. The Ldr code will direct you to the subroutine that is causing the issues. If possible please send the project along with as many details as possible to support@unitronics.com for further review.
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