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  1. Hi Henny, Unfortunately, Samba with built in analog outputs is not currently on Unitronics road map.
  2. Hi Pete, Please see the attached application for how to work with online points. In general, when a specific on line point element is active, it will show the values at the specific stage of the ladder diagram. The first occurrence of an active on line point element will be the one showing the values. online_point.vlp
  3. Hi Alberto, First of all, there are no attachments in your post. Second, I would check the status of the USB to Serial adapter by opening the device manager in windows. Simply type "device manager" in the search pane inn the Windows start menu. click on the device manager icon and from the window that will pop up, select "Ports (COM & LPT)". You should see a device named "Prolific USB to Serial Comm Port" and a port number in the parenthesis. After discovering the com port that is attached to your USB to Serial adapter, go to Visilogic, select the "Connection" menu and select "Communication & OS". From the window select the port number that corresponds to the one that appeared in the device manager. That should solve the connection problems. If you still having communication issues (or any other issues) you are more than welcome to contact us at support@unitronics.com.
  4. Iv'e looked over your application. You were using a simple self-holding mechanism to keep MB31 energized. The thing is this: In an actual system you anyway won't be able to reset the alarm until you will reset MB940, because it will keep the self-holding mechanism energized all the time.
  5. Hello Micpalmia, While Modbus over TCP utilize the Ethernet card that is attached to the optional port, the GSM modem is connected to the serial port of the PLC. Because the two devices are connected to two different communication ports, there is no problem keeping the SMS messaging system (as you mentioned, the modem should be connected to serial port 1).
  6. Hell Y.INDS. It does seem that when leading spaces are present in the string, the function will not convert (unlike leading zeros). Try to remove the leading spaces first.
  7. Hello Senszey, Please have a look at the attached image. Basically, it describes the digital output configuration for the PLC. In general, digital outputs are not getting their voltage supply from the PLC's power input, but from another circuit. Hence, to energize your outputs you will need to add another 24V source which will be wired as stated in the attached image.
  8. To be able to reset an alarm, the conditions that triggered it from the first place should be turned to normal state. Hence, if an emergency button was pressed and triggered an alarm, the only way to reset this alarm is if the emergency button is released. If following this instruction still doesn't seem to solve the issue, please send your application to support@unitronics.com.
  9. That is the exactly the reason for the ladder reset bit being optional - not all alarms are critical and demand this kind of safety mechanisms. In case of emergency stop, you connect the reset bit to the system start logic, but the actual reset is being done in the Alarms Screen.
  10. The Reset Bit is an optional operand selection tool. You can use it to create a specific logic when the actual alarm is reset by the user (for example - start logging data upon alarm reset). The actual alarm reset button is found in the Alarms Screen. Please see the attached application. I'm sure it will answer all your questions Alarm example.vlp
  11. Pascal, Once the code has been compiled and downloaded to the PLC, it will always be executed in the same order. Getting an occasional "wrong" value is probably a problematic logic. If you are not sure why this happens, you are welcome to send the application to support@unitronics.com including details related to the issue, and we will point it out.
  12. Hi CFBFP, In the Linearization function block, you can use either constants or operands as function parameters. When defining a parameter, you will see two tabs named "Direct" and "Const". Select the "Direct" tab and you will be able to select operand.
  13. If I understand correctly, Visilogic itself is working correctly. The application that you got from a third party was corrupted?
  14. Hi Parker, Please send the following details to support@unitronics.com : 1. A screenshot of the error message. 2. your computer mode and operating system (i.e. Intel i7 running Windows 7). 3. Explanation about the "third party file that you need to modify".
  15. Hi Pascal, Flex 727 is right. In ladder programming, the compiler can change the order of commands execution (in a single net) which may cause unexpected results. It is recommended to separate your code into simple structures - or one rung per net. This will also make your code more readable.
  16. Hello Julio, Thank you for using Unitronics products. I have a few questions/comments: 1. What is the network registration status of the PLC side modem? 2. What communication parameters are defined in the Communication&OS menu (in Visilogic)? Please make sure that all parameters are defined correctly, including PLC name, IP and port number. 3. Make sure that all the parameters in GPRS Register function block are defined correctly. 4. Just to clear things up: In GPRS Start Call function block, you define the IP address and port number of the remote device you are trying to call to (in this case your PC). You need to make sure that the PC has the exact same parameters and that it is in active listen mode. In GPRS Listen function block, when activated, the PLC listens to a specific port for other devices to communicate with - in that case you should follow the instructions given above (in section 2). I hope that this will solve your issue. Please let me know the results.
  17. Hello VasilPopov, Unfortunately, the Email functions in Vision PLC's does not work with SSL encrypted email accounts (such as Gmail). Please try non-encrypted email services (such as http://www.gmx.com/)
  18. Ido, You are right. My reply was related to presenting timer values on web server HTML page. There is no direct way for storing a timer values to the PLC via advanced web server. What you can do is store an ML value to the PLC, and create logic that will convert this value to timer preset/current value. To do this use the "Store Timer Current/Preset" FB's available from the "Store" menu in Visilogic. The resolution for this conversion is 10 mS, hence for storing the value 60000 the timer value will be 10 minutes.
  19. Unfortunately, the Unilogic Alarm Utility is not yet to be released. Until such a utility will be available, you can use the Alarms example I shared above instead of using the Events UDFB. It does not contain a logging of ACK time but it is still quite useful.
  20. Hi Jsmn, Thank you for using Unitronics products. The answers to your questions: 1. The alarm reset bit functions as a reset mechanism for the alarm itself. This is useful for monitoring the correct functionality of your system. If the bit that triggered the alarm int the first place is not reset, the alarm will keep popping up. 2. The Ack (or acknowledgment) bit is a common function in industrial automation. It means that the operator acknowledge that he understands that an alarm is still active. The following post gives a typical example for the use of Alarm Reset and Ack: http://www.plctalk.net/qanda/showthread.php?t=73191 3. To set the RTC of the PLC you should go to the Connection menu-->Communication&OS. Select the second tab and press "Set RTC" (when the programming cable connected to the PLC).
  21. Please send the application to support@unitronics.com for further review.
  22. Hi Dub, Thank you for choosing Unitronics. Try the following: 1. From Visilogic screen, select the Build menu-->Build All. Then download the application to the PLC. 2. If that doesn't help, select the File menu-->System Images. Select "Restore All System Images to Default". Then download the application to the PLC. 3. In any case, download the most recent Visilogic version (9.7.9) and update the PLC firmware to 3.9.6 (most recent). If you need guidance in doing so please let me know.
  23. Hi Julio, I would like to review the application you created. Please send your application to support@unitronics.com and I will try to figure it out
  24. Hi Vema, Of course it's possible. The attached application demonstrates how it can be done. It is pretty straightforward, but if something isn't clear you are welcome to post it here. By the way, I built the application for Samba PLC, but it will work on any Vision PLC. String Representation.vlp
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