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Handheld model


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That is a neat doo-dad, but with a 5.6" display I don't know how "hand-held" it is. Still it's a good suggestion.

It would be easy enough to mount a V570 or a V350-35-B1 in a small plastic enclosure and run the expansion cable and power wires in woven sheathing to make an umbilical cord.

Joe T.

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We have customers who mount Unitronics PLCs in boxes, with batteries and everything to make a stand-alone control box. It is about as "hand-held" as the example above, but then many "hand-held" robot programming pendants are a similar size.

The idea of a compact, fully enclosed housing does have potential. We also get asked about "console mount" devices, that can be mounted easily in vehicles, etc.

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I found Joe's Suggestion very interesting so i tried it with a JZ10-11-PT15, a pair of cheap drawer handles and a plastic enclosure.

Not aesthetically pleasing but very practical!






Ok--that was a cool pic.

What is the application?

I basically live in Unitronics HQ...I rarely venture into the real world--what sort of applications require hand-held controllers?

Mounted on moving vehicles sure...but hand-held?    :unsure:

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Hi cara,


This is to control a stacking unit attached to an injection molding machine.

The problem is that for some molds, the whole unit should be rotated by 180deg and moved to the opposite side of the machine.

In this case and if Jazz controller was panel-mounted, there would have been not enough free space between the machine and the stacking system's control cabinet. As a result, it won't be possible for the operator to access the HMI.


Another reason for using a "hand-held" controller is when you need to have direct eye contact with something you are controlling but this is not possible if you don't have freedom of movement.

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TT_ZX. You can connect to a UniStream PLC using VNC through a Computer, Smartphone (Android and Iphone) and a tablet runing Android, windows 8 or a Ipad.

If the computer is in the same network as the UniStream there should be no problem.

UniStream does not support wifi, you must connect the Unistrem to the wifi hub or switch with a ethernet cable.

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