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Registering VisiLogic

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I also have a problem with VisiLogic registering. In "Configure proxy Settings" there is an option "No proxy" and "Use system proxy settings". I tried them both, no difference, when I press "Test proxy settings" apears a message: "Connection to server failed. Proxy setings might be incorrect."

For "Manual proxy configuration" I have no data. Connection to internet is of course established.

Please advise.

Br, Dejan

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Hi Aus, hello from México:

Neither works. I am working windows XP, 

Is there any way to reset the trial period? I have removed Visilogic, and erased the file Unitronics, etc. but the period counter is still there.

Last plan is to format laptop and reinstall software again. This surely reset the trial.



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  • MVP 2014

Interestingly I also received a similar report from a customer.  I advised them to uninstall Visilogic, also delete the following folders and reboot the PC before re-installing:

  • Delete the folder “Unitronics VisiLogic_C” from C:\Program Files\Unitronics
  • Delete the folder “Unitronics” from C:\Program Files\Common Files

When re-installing, run the installer as administrator and once it is installed run Visiloigc.exe as administrator.

General details on uninstalling and reinstalling are here:


The problem was still not solved after this, they were using version 9.8.94.

They then deleted all again and installed the latest (rev 9.8.96) and the registration completed successfully.

I hope this helps. However if it doesn't I would also recommend the suggestion by @Flex727 above, to contact Unitronics support.

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