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Thermocouple Reading of 32767

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V700 with le V200-18-E3XB

I have a type j Thermocouple and I cant seem to get a proper reading.

I have the thermal couple connected to AN one and have set Jumper 3,4,5 to B.

The positive of the TC is jumped to input of AN and the negative is to COM

V2, 0V and V1 , 0V are connected to +24 and common respectively


I can't seem to get a reading other than 32767, am I missing something? I checked for any short and there don't appear to be any. Please let me now if i should give more information.



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22 hours ago, Action22 said:

don't have the programmer mindset of starting to count from zero

We've all been there. 

I well remember my very first programs, done under candle-light whilst cranking my pedal generator. 

I would look at usage tables and notice lots of things starting at 1, with that blank space before them!


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One of my favorite tasks during lockdown ...

Explain remotely how to connect the following correctly:


All connectors count from 1 to 15. And inputs I0 to I11 (we have 12). But the count order is opposite than on the connector.

Outputs O0 to O7 (we have 8), but 6 of them have two contacts ... and the last two O6 and O7 - one for each. And do not forget 0V for output on connector pin 15.

It's a bit of a puzzle and check remotely are the contacts properly connected  - headache for me.

I don't even mention the numbering of conductors that need to be connected.


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