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  1. Can you provide more information about gas flow meter and amplifier. User manual, or a link? 8VDC Prox switch is very strange ? !
  2. Sometimes it is necessary to do repairs when there are no original spare parts or they arrive for a long time. You reminded me about the Enter key. Machine Amada - Enter completely destroyed. Temporary solution - the external button is soldered to the corresponding matrix keypad conductors. This may be a solution when it's impossible to fix the program However, definitely
  3. I send for you blank project. I import to this project two librarys in different language (eng and ukr-cyrilic). This 1 and 2 lib files is exported from this project to CSV files - import seperator is ( , ). Please try to open blank project and import this two files into 1-st and 2-nd librarys. If import is OK - make your own CSV file with the same structure as my CSV file. Please install to visilogic cyrilic font before import files and choose this font in import process. 2_lib.csv 1_lib.csv LENGUAGE.vlp
  4. In Vision OPLC panel single touch sensor used. It is not possible to switch on both HMI button at the same time. But logic needed (see Joe T. ladder) for prevent to fast (pseudo simultaneously) output switching. By the way is the best solution. In fast AC motors reversing by PLC (like old CNC turret) is used 3 power contactor. Two for reversing phase on AC motor and one for turn power on when one of reversing contactor is energised.
  5. I try to use this code in "main" but in result it go as "subroutine" that is called once in main program. For parameter window where machine definatly stopped for setup i use separate large SDO subroutine.
  6. My experiment with SDO via CAN on V700 show that some times SDO is "lost" when i use only "SDO in progress" NC contact. Maybe it is due drive side behavior. Then i use posted ladder for transmit SDO. As i see PDO via CAN work faster on drive side and not need spetial sequance.
  7. First of all - try to create two little librarys in different language. Than export it to two excel files and two CSV files. Please open this files by excel and see the structure. You must try to create new little file with te same sructure of data and import it to library. Please remember that system font do not provide cyrilic letter. You must install cyrilic font to visilogic to use it in menu and export - import cyrilic file.
  8. Hi, Sven As i see you use SDO for motor control. I use SDO for transmit motion profile parameter for 2 lenze drive. I also lose instructions when try writing to the motor by the timer. For implement SDO transmition without timer i used SDO numbering like compare counter in you code. Please see attachment. I must send comand to change speed and position for two station. If i send 1-st command - all another sdo sended one by one with no problem and sdo transmition stopped. Rewriting the same information by SDO in my system is no problem. And it will be avoided by the additional code. If i send #8 command only one sdo sended and transmision stopped. This sample code posted only like idea for sequental SDO transmission. Only one SDO sended at the same time and no command lost present in my system. Maybe code not optimised, but it work fine in real control system. SDO_test_lenze.vlp
  9. SMC75 and other JVL driver with CAN offer commisioning software for making application setting. As i see in pdf's from JVL freeconfigurable by software 32bit PDO register present. I don't know your positioning configuration. Is it PDO used for transfer target position? Why step counter is used, when CANopen positioning in different mode present? If it possible post image of project connection (wiring). In my application only isolated CANopen connection OPLC to drive used. Limit switches, home sensor, and jog function switch conected to the motor driver and it's activity sended to OPLC via CANopen. But signals must be preconfigured by driver software and linked to RPDO and TPDO. On the OPLC side struct is used to conect MB array and ML or MI with the CANopen RPDO and TPDO. About SB in ladder. I use it like NO only in CAN transmission rung. In attach i post my CANopen "first steps" realased for samba but without driver side of configuration. CANopen test lenze 8400.vlp
  10. In my last project, I used Lenze 8400 with embedded CANopen . The capabilities of this driver make possible to prepare "hardware" PDO signal "IN position", "0-position is known", "ACC", "DCC", ect... I did not use timers in the program, but only use system bits SB288, 284, 242, 292 to avoid network collisions . What motor driver used? Maybe it is ready to transfer needed bits or they can be re-assigned manually inside the drive.
  11. If it is not to late... I use for two axis sun tracking Zelio Logic smart relay with embedded FBD suntrack function. It work fine due to RTC present onboard. Daylight saving is also present. Maybe it will be helpful to add "suntrack" option (function) into visilogic or other unitronics software. But this is question to unitronics team. Sunrise-Sunset-Suntrack.pdf
  12. Try to use older version visilogic to download blank project. Try to use external usb to com converter for connection. Try to load the same project without any images (displays). Check all V700 power supply connection. As i see flash memory maybe corrupt :(
  13. Yes you are right! When i seen this machine at first time Leds optical filter was dismounted and cardboard and duct tape is used. Maybe i make metal box with small depth and flip door. It must be used for hide old plc hole and protect JAZZ. Thanks
  14. Hi everyone I need to retrofit old high power UV lamp control system. Original PLC is broken. Old system Led optical filter is completely damaged (maybe by indirect UV). Now Jazz PLC must be installed. Operator change program on machine and switch on process from remote control. Question how to protect PLC from high power indirect UV light. Mount panel on remote position? Hide by door? Any ideas?
  15. Maybe this help to configure I/O... http://support.unitronics.com/index.php?/selfhelp/view-article/How-do-I-add-and-configure-IO-modules
  16. Something with ABB modbus is wrong .... Since this is only software starters, their management requires a maximum of 9 outputs (on-off control) and 9 (alarm) or 18 inputs (alarm + normal operation-end of speed rump). You may need to drop modbus from the list and use the unitronics I/O expansion modules. By the way, maybe you have wiring issue I did not know how to check the ports momentarily stops. Maybe transmission is not hardware buffered and only software data flow control used (interrupted by screen change). Or screen change command is active for to long time.
  17. I try to find information about PSTX ABB and see parameter list with communication settings. 12.09 - settings for communication speed, Also find some note in https://library.e.abb.com/public/fb83d05d73254c8aa813385bcc6be6f5/1SFC132089M0201.pdf Note : If there is no message passed between the PSTX softstarter and the Modbus RTU master for more than 100ms, the PSTX softstarter will trip on fieldbus communication failure protection (P1E00) and with the default configuration, the motor will be stopped. If the fieldbus communication system is setup in such a way that commands/requests are not continuously passed between the PLC and softstarter, this protection function should be disabled. The parameter 19.4 (Fieldbus failure op) can then be set to "Off".
  18. I have to keep a zoo of computers with old operating systems: 1) Siemens PG710 8086 CPU and MS-DOS 5.0 for simatic S5 cartridges. 2) P233 + Windows 95 for the old ROM programmer. 3) celeron 800 + win 98 for ABB robots, 4) fujitsu siemens IPP + WinXP - for all old servo, VFD, PLC, Jazz and M91. 5) core i5 + win10 - for the rest of the programs and drivers who can not swim.:) Everyone except No. 5 does not need or is not updated at all, but it is always in work condition and bring benefits to me. Microsoft update is small worm that must eat something for dinner.?
  19. Is it COM init block (visilogic like ) used for communication with modem? Maybe RS232 timeout error generate "Time Out " message. If RS232 timeout default settings is 0.5sec - correct long time transmission is impossible. In visilogic is recomended to setup above 6sec timeout reply time. But i didn't find any suggestion for UniLogic .
  20. What USB adapter (chip in adapter) is used? Some chip has strange behavior while long file transmission. Try to change to another type. For me - the best is well known FTDI and china CH340 chip.
  21. I also tried to implement a similar system. However, it was slightly different. The presence sensor of an object in the camera zone has activated the recognition process. Then the camera signaled - the correct object or not. If we have a signal about an incorrect object - the PLC at that moment recorded how many impulses need to be calculate to the point when it is necessary to remove it from the flow. At this point there was a mechanism of throwing object away. That is, the PLC does not do anything until it receives a signal that you want to remove the object. The other part of the algorithm (shift register for bad object) worked like yours.
  22. Hi, Visco You described the algorithm of the system with a VFD. I usually use the VFD internal option to control the brake. The brake active when the VFD reaches zero speed and there is no command to move in the forward or reverse direction. This eliminates the problems of controlling the VFD in different modes, for example, JOG, FIXED SPEED. No need to control the brakes with the PLC. This is especially useful when lifting or lowering some part of the mechanisms. However, the VFD must be able to control the brakes.
  23. Please check speed and settings in normal mode and try to change them in boot. In boot mode my V570 connect to PC only in specific com settings. Maybe battery problem possible to.
  24. You can increase the accuracy by increasing the number of bolts on the motor shaft. Use 6 bolts and you will have accuracy of approximately 10 turns per minute. However, make sure that the sensor has the appropriate frequency range. Or use an optical sensor and a perforated wheel. Using a 2.5ms interrupt to determine the sensor signal period will not increase the accuracy of the readings. It is also possible to use your sensor, diode, RC link, and send a signal to the analog input of the PLC. This is not very accurate, but this solution has advantages. A similar scheme is used in tachometers of old cars.
  25. You must build minimal Canopen configuration based on BK5110 (used only one of IO module). Please read https://download.beckhoff.com/download/document/io/bus-terminals/bk51x0en.pdf page 114 about canopen configuration for this type of coupler. Then use Visilogic help with CANopen sample code to build CANopen net step by step . Only after succesfull run CAN you must add another exp. modules and try to read https://download.beckhoff.com/download/document/io/bus-terminals/kl306xen.pdf page 29 about memory mapping for analog input . In that way i tryed to build my first CANopen with Lenze servo. Now it looks like simple for me, but at start i had the same problem. Best regard Roman
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