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Internal temp reading - SI 14

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I'm not sure that it will be useful.
But after an experiment on measuring temperature by
SI 14 noticed that the SI 13 also reacts to temperature changes.
however, it shows somewhat higher values.
Maybe this is undocumented temperature channel (run on V1040)
In order to get the temperature, it is necessary to operate with a SB14 bit.

Therefore, the recalculation C into a F with one rung should not be a problem.

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In answer to your question Flex, I'd ask support....maybe they know a trick.  I don't.

Sometimes having a native °F is useful if a little more precision is wanted without lots of mucking around.  Due to the inherently larger numbers in °F.

It is  always possible to do a whole lot of calculations on °C if your actual hardware makes such calcs accurate.  But if it only goes to 0.1 accuracy on °C, then the °F conversion is always a little flawed.  For my critical processes I always have gear that can give me readings to 2 decimal places in °C.

You Yanks just have to get with it! 

However, to put things in perspective, here in Aus we've been on metrics since 1974 yet we still have Whitworth/SAE/BSP/younameit bolts, double marked tape measures, a whole host of imperial stuff etc!  So I think you'll be like Dan (and myself) for quite some time yet.

cheers, Aus

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6 hours ago, Ausman said:

You Yanks just have to get with it! 


When I was in middle school in the '70s there was a big push to convert to the metric system.

The end result was us seppos are just too stubborn and/or stupid to get with a program based on powers of 10.

I personally like millimeters for laying things out, but I just can't think in terms of Centigrade.

Joe T.

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