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thermocouple accuracy

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Hey All,

I'm working a a little home workshop playtime project...

I'm using a V570 with a V200-18-E3XB snap I/O module.

I "hand-rolled" some type T thermocouples (wires at the business end tightly twisted and soldered to create my TC junction).
Each T/C is about 30 ft long, and a direct connection with the E3XB module.

I find that the readings I get at room temp are about 8 deg F higher than I get with "real" thermometers.

I know I can build an offset into my readings, but curious where the discrepancy lies;
Does the solder (60/40) that flows through the twisted Copper/Constantan junction create an offset?
Does this fall within the expected accuracy of the E3XB module?
Or is it something else?

Anyone have any input on this matter?


tc junction.PNG


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My current arrangement with John is that I compensate him with Walmart gift cards.  A nice big image like that is going to cost me plenty  😃

The solder in a type T thermocouple may cause an issue if it's getting in between the two metals.  And it probably is.

Stick the sensor in two known temperature sources - crushed ice in water (AKA a 32 deg F Ice Bath) and boiling water.  Water boiling point decreases 1 deg F per 500 feet of altitude, so in our region it should read 211 deg F.

If the error is the same it's an offset.  If it changes then you have a mathematical correction factor, which may or may not be linear.

Or you could weld the end using a 120V line cord jammed into a carbon block with a 100W light bulb as a current limiter like the do in the Emerson Motors lab.   It works great.


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OH MY.... I didn't catch that shameless inclusion of the JTA sticker... 🙄

But Joe, I can give you my paypal info if that's easier than the WalMart cards.... 🤑

I think I'll play around with the MIG method using an argon shield as I have that available in my shop....



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15 hours ago, Joe Tauser said:

My current arrangement with John is that I compensate him with Walmart gift cards.

Sounds good, but I'd rather save up until I have enough for a new V700.

15 hours ago, Joe Tauser said:

for additional revenue, consider this experience I had with the Malwarebytes forum

I wonder if Unitronics has a policy about this?

The Paypal issues aside, a disclaimer like that at the end of every post would be very helpful to let users know that most of us are volunteers and not Unitronics employees. I need to check to see if that can be automated with this forum software.

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I think this should be a message on the header of all posts.

For example I get a default message when I post stating the following "Your content will need to be approved by a moderator".

Many new posters get frustrated when their post is not posted, read or solved immediately, not realizing that this is a voluntary forum.

When people try to post there should be a message advising them of this and also if they would like to also send to the official UNITRONICS support.

It would be easy for the forum designers to include this than everyone needing to set up their individual messages.

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Well, as a follow up...

I did set up a T/C welder (as suggested in Kratmel's post) with a tungsten in a modified tip in my MIG with an argon gas shield, and welded the T/C junction instead of soldering.

But, in a side by side comparison, the readings from the welded junction and the soldered junction were almost identical, so much for the theory that the solder flow induced an offset the reading (which is a relief in one way as I have been doing soldered junctions for years).

And since my mentor, Joe T, has said many times, "empirical data tells all"..., I will build an offset into my code to make my readings closer to being correct...


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