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  1. Hello Swervomotor, We added your request to the list. We hope that in the next release the option of duplicating a tag in a Struct will be available.
  2. Up load can not be preformed due to in complete data within PLC 99%



    V280 HMI PLC.png

    v280-plc -pc.png

  3. Hello, We are not familiar with such issue. Which firmware version is installed on UniStream? Did you try to cycle power the UniStream? If after power cycle it still cannot connect then send a mail to support@unitronics.com with the application and we will try to test it here.
  4. Hi, First check that your signal quality is more than 14. Also you need to check that the IP address and port you are trying to access are available - you can use a PC which is in the internet and try to access this IP and port via telnet.
  5. V130 has a built-in serial port that support RS232/RS485. (The selection is done via jumper)
  6. Hi, The ldb file is a kind of a data base file of the project - you dont need to use. when you close DataXport this file should disappear. When running DataXport - what is the message you get in the log window?
  7. Timer preset using a variable

    Hi, You will need to take care to mark the timer as retained. (You can do it from the Timers tab)
  8. Timer preset using a variable

    Hi, if you wish to enter a new value to a timer on the screen, you can use the Timer box element and not Numeric box. You can determine the format of the timer and then when the operator touch the timer it will open a keypad to enter the value and will show the format of each field.
  9. "Drag and Drop" elements to Email body

    There is way to send indirect text as body of a mail message . It requires some ladder logic. There is a function called append buffer to user file that appends a buffer to a TXT/CSV/BIN file. You can use copy tag to buffer first and then using the append buffer to file , you are basically creating a file with the tag data. (you can also use the message composer to create messages and then use Build message to put it in a buffer). This buffer is the one you will append to the user file. The file needs to be TXT. In the e-mail configuration you will click on attachment an select the file with the text you wish to send and then the option send as body. The file will not be as attachment but its content will be in the body of the mail.
  10. Hi, Are you referring to the Alarm Summary ? How are you calling the Alarm Summary display? (using action or from the banner) Please send a mail to support@unitronics.com including the application and we will test it.
  11. Automatic backup SW

    Hi, If you are using the Enhanced Vision PLCs then basically it comprises SD/Micro SD card slot. The ladder offer a utility to clone the PLC (program, data tables, operand values) to a file. You can trigger this utility using a schedule or other method. You can find this utility under Ladder --> SD menu --> clone
  12. PID struct retain

    Hi, PID Config struct is non retained. Running PID will use PID Config struct. Once completing Autotune or manual tune, you can use the Save PID Autotune data ladder element. This will save the PID config struct to a PID AT params struct. Then on power up you can use the Ladder element Load PID Autotune data from PID AT params struct to PID config struct. Please make sure that the PID AT Params struct is checked as retained.
  13. Hi, You can change the backlight intensity using system integer 9. The values is between 0 -100. 0 - off 100 - full
  14. Hi, You can save data table to a file using the ladder element save DT to SD. This will save the data table in UDT format. Then if you wish to edit this data in your PC , you can use the SD card suite --> UDT editor. When done you can copy the UDT file back to the SD and then using the ladder element Read UDT from SD to DT you can load the file back to the data table.
  15. Hi, As you can see in the message you wrote " it is recommended.." - it will not initialize it after download automatically.