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Unitronics on TV


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Nup!  All I have is the same as John's screenshot.  The bar seems to have active buttons that change from white to blue, but that's all.  On my screen there is a huge space b/n "I'll try again" and the play bar.  It looks like there should be a video frame in there, but for me, she ain't no work mate!  Does it work for you if you haven't logged in?

cheers, Aus

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13 hours ago, Isakovic said:

I can't see the whole cabinet, but top right corner is an unusual place for the panel.

Agreed, but I believe this is a real business and this is a real controller in operation. The business is called Dark Matter in Chicago (a coffee house and roaster). If there are any forum members near, it might be fun to drop by and take a look.

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14 hours ago, Isakovic said:

top right corner is an unusual place for the panel.

I must have missed that rule somewhere.  I often have panels in different locations on a cabinet to be in a better location re heat, induction etc.  But of course allowing for usage by elves or VTPs.  (Am I allowed to say Very Tall People these days?!)  🙄

cheers, Aus

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On 3/10/2019 at 7:40 PM, Flex727 said:

@Joe Tauser, did you get that from my video file or from your own TV?

I thought the camera lingered a bit on the V570 and gave a momentary thought that this might be "product placement", but I seriously doubt it.

But very cool--thanks for reporting it!
This happens every so often. Now I'm thinking of doing a blog post called Accidental Sightings, or Unitronics in the Wild :-)

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