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How Do You Manage Multiple Unilogic Versions


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I routinely find myself bouncing between 3-4 different revisions of unilogic depending on what version the program on the controller was created on.  I've only been able to do this by uninstall whatever version I have and re-install the version I need.  Is there a quicker way to somehow keep multiple versions on the same box without having to go through the uninstall- install process?

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@Cara Bereck Levy  @AlexUT

Is this a Windows controlled requester, or a Unitronics one?   If it is Unitronics, the wording needs to be changed.  If Windows, perhaps there is a workaround?

  Like Swervo, I would find this very confusing for it to do exactly opposite what it is saying.  Especially when the "result" is what people are wanting to implement.

cheers, Aus

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Well, It's installshield and it is doing exactly what it says.

The installer needs to uninstall the current version in order to install the new one, When you check the "Keep old version", it simply copies the current version to another directory, changes some config file, copies some other files to that directory, creates a shortcut, and only then asks you if you want to uninstall.

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Saragani, if you had this requester come up without already knowing what the program did (as you have carefully and well described) you would no doubt be confused too. 

Perhaps your description of what happens when you keep old version needs to be inserted into the InstallShield wording.

cheers, Aus

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Everything is working.

1. I have a bunch of folders with previous versions of UniLogic:


Where UniLogic is a last installed version (highest).

2. All uninstalled versions (from UniLogic folder) are in separate folders, numbered by version  of uninstalled UniLogic.

*You have to install lowest version first, than next one, and so one until you install last version.

3. If you have trouble - delete all numbered versions, than uninstall last installed version.

Now download all required versions and start installation from lowest version number.

4. When you install UniLogic and previous version is already installed, Installer show you next pop-up:


Where "Keep a copy of the old version" check-box is checked.

*You have to right-click at each downloaded file, select "Properties" and click on "Unblock" button if it is presented.

*If your login account has no administrative privileges, than you have to run installation "As Administrator".

*Last UniLogic versions know to require administrative privileges to run installation and to run UniLogic itself.

*You can run on old version of UniLogic, but cannot run 2 versions at the same time.

*To run old version, you have to close currently used UniLogic and kill from Task Manager "Unitronics Notifier" (in "Background Processes".

*Use shortcut to run an old UniLogic version, or run it from old UniLogic version folder by running "Unitronics.Shell.UI.exe".

*Double-click on *.ulpr file running last installed UniLogic version.

Hope this information will help to keep required versions at your PC.



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