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Help, my HMI is now stuck in "Initialization..." after power up.


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Last step I took was to update the HMI IP address to 

after the next power up, it is stuck in the "Initialization..."  screen, does not move forward even after ~20mins.

Model is Unitronics USL-070-B05.
I've read thru the manual, but there's nothing there about Resetting or Restoring to manufacturer's defaults.  
I cannot access it via Unistream software either.

some background:  all of this because I'm trying to get the HMI to display to connect to the PLC via VNC, but no luck yet on this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi Agustin

If you have the PLC program you could try removing the SD card and CPU from the panel.

The battery backup is in the CPU.

Leave power off for 15mins and try to start again.

you might need to download the program again and enter non retained settings.

Sorry, ignore this, I misread the PLC type.

Best bet is to contact unitronics support               support@unitronics.com

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I'm not sure if this topic is still actual, But I have just experienced same problem.

in my case it was USP-104-x10, modular HMI+PLC.

Customer Reported unresponsive Touch screen behavior, they tried to restart, after which the screen was stuck on initialization. 

and in the end, it turned out to be just faulty SD card.

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  • MVP 2023

@Cara Bereck Levy   @Saragani 

As a non-Unistream user it does seem unacceptable to me that a faulty SD will cause a total boot halt.  Surely it wouldn't be too hard to have the PLC able to continue to function when it sees/expects a card in place but can't access it properly. 

I understand that the card use might be a major part of someone's programming, but perhaps there needs to be an option for the user to dictate whether to ignore SD failure and run with OS driven popup screen alert   or OS boot halt with screen alert.   The second one seems to be what is occurring, but without an alert.

@greml1n    It would likely be useful in this case to know how much card use was being done.

cheers, Aus

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