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  1. Guy Sela

    "Invalid MAC Address" pop-up

    Hi Andreas, I have sent you a private message with some instructions in order to solve this issue.
  2. Hi Guys, There is no direct option to reset HSC which is on expansion unit. Attached is application which implements resetting HSC using virtual HSC. In the attached application instead of working directly with the MI that linked to the HSC (which you are unable to change/reset) working with the virtual HSC. Expansion HSC reset.vlp
  3. Hi Daniel, you can find example projects on many subjects that could assist you including TCP IP communication: To download UniLogic example folder see the next link: https://unitronicsplc.com/Download/Support/UniLogic/UniLogic Examples_V1.19 Rev 80.7z Please follow the next link to download an example project that will be helpful for you (communicating with a 3rd party device via TCP). https://unitronics.exavault.com/share/view/ju4o-219xdl5i Please see the the next tutorial on how to use "Message Composer":
  4. As for the application long time, in the first connection of the application it is downloading the images, depending on the number of element on the HMI will determine the connection delay time. Can you please end me your project to Support@unitronics.com so i could try to simulate the red screen. If you could provide a scenario that i could simulate this red screen?
  5. I commander you to get in touch with our local distributor in Brazil, they are very professional and have a grate support (in Portugais). DAKOL Instrumentos e Sistemas Ltda. Phone:11 3855 0060 Fax:11 3855 0060 Email:vendas@dakol.com.br Website: http://www.dakol.com.br
  6. Hi Rjustino To get you up to speed, please refer to Unitronics CANopen video webinar. You can find many example project within VisiLogic itself including CANopen: C:\Program Files (x86)\Unitronics\Unitronics VisiLogic_C\Examples\Version 900\Project examples\Communications\CANopen. More information can be found in VisiLogic Help (F1) under CANopen.
  7. Hi Brianwainw, Two text boxes will not work in this case. You can accomplish this by using "List of Text" element. List of Text ex.vlp
  8. Hi Vamalgise, In "SMS Send" function block, you can select "Last Received Phone Number" to sand back an SMS to the last sender phone number.
  9. In vision, there is a ladder element that resolves an IP for a domain. In UniLogic there is also an element that resolves the IP Address (element called Resolve DNS). As I understand, the data is not JSON or XML, but rather the same old way as sending the data in the url.
  10. Guy Sela

    New Website...

    Hi the new website needs some getting used to, I know that you will find it informative as the old website and even more. To see all of Unitronics products you can click the second tab "PLC`s" and you will be presented with a drop down menu with all of the products sorted to gropes. To see V430 table click here, scroll down and click "Vision430 models - Onboard I/O`s".
  11. Hi Michael, MI0 holds the real counter, it is using MI2 as a buffer that holds the difference between the real count to the counts that where added in ML0. The count than is added to ML1 that is in absolute value, than MI0 is stored to MI2 for a new count that will hold the deference between the counts. When MI0 will roll over it will not have any effect on ML1 (Virtual counter) sign. the formula for this project is: MI0 - MI2 = ML0 ML0 + |ML1| = ML1 MI0 = MI2 Please see the attached project. Is NET3 you can trigger MB0 to simulate running counter, you will see that MI0(out) will roll over at 32767 (you can use MB1 to increment by one), the result ML1 (Virtual Counter) will not change it`s sign. virtual Counter.vlp
  12. Dear Mike, Please see the attached project. Using EX-RC1 with DI-16 high speed counter using ML. Best Regards. Guy Sela virtual Counter.vlp
  13. Dear Mike, thank you for contacting Unitronics Support. Can you please send us your email? I would like to send you an example that will be suitable to your request. You can also reach us at support@unitronics.com Guy Sela
  14. EX-RC1 is a remote I/O module that communicates between Vision PLC`s through UniCan protocol. UniCan is a propetary protocol of Unitronics that runs under CANBus. To transfer data to/from the PLC and the EX-RC1 you need to write a small logic to send the data with a vector. Attached an example for the PLC and EX-RC1. EX-RC1_new.vlp V570_CAN Master for EX-RC1.vlp
  15. Dear Lawry, I have created a new project in VisiLogic V9.7.60 (last version, OS 4.0(32), Boot 2.2(23)) and filled approximately 700 operands with data, then update my VisiLogic version to V9.8 (official version, OS 4.2(10), Boot 2.2(23)), after a night without power to the PLC, all my operands were still stored. Version update should not cause operands to be erased. Was this behavior limited only to this project? From which version did you updated from? Can you please check SB8 (Battery Low 1=Low)?