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Running more than one instance of UniLogic at the same time


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Very surprised this hasn't gotten more attention.  Unclear if I could have survived with only one instance of Visilogic and the more complex my programs become the more I desire two instances of Unilogic. I say this fully knowing how easy it is to migrate items from one program to the next, but some times you just want to do some side by side comparisons.  

So will any traction be gained in this arena?

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I agree a long while has gone past with nothing apparently being done.  But as a Non-Unilogic user I don't know for sure....perhaps it has...I'm only going on what people say!

That said, I think a work-around would be a virtual PC running concurrently.  My virtual PCs are only XP and I don't think Unilogic would run on them, so I can't say for sure, but I reckon that a later Windoze version would work.  Perhaps cut and paste might even work.....but I doubt it.   Sometimes I have had actions possible b/n my virtual systems and the real one that I can't normally easily achieve .

On the "compare side by side" front, I often do this without another instance of Visilogic running, by simply doing a print to pdf, and then having that on screen next to what I'm actually working on.  The same would work on Unilogic.

cheers, Aus

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Further to my post above, I've just spend an entertaining hour trialling things on my virtual XP. 

Visilogic worked fine straight away.  I didn't really need it here, but thought I'd give it a go anyway.

I then trialled an early version of Unilogic,  _1_17_Build_73.  It wouldn't play ball as my XP was only a simple install to use something else, and I only had SP2 in place.  So for the experiment I loaded in SP3, and then the install was able to proceed.  I have ended up with a fully working Unilogic.

Admittedly this is an earlier version, but in theory later ones will work.  I only used the earlier one because it doesn't have the rego system on it, and I couldn't be bothered going through that process just for a trial of something.

So I now feel sure that this method would be a good way of getting at least another instance running alongside a native one.  I can't say for sure though, as I don't have a native version installed and am not doing that at present. 

Over to you lot to try it out! 

(I use VirtualBox by the way, as I've found it has worked fine for my needs......I actually activated XP rather than go through the other hoops....the only way I had available was the phone call method and it worked fine.)

cheers, Aus

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Hi everyone,

you can copy and paste with Unilogic (it's work with Visilogic too).
- Open the code you need to copy
- Copy
- Open the new code from Unilogics (not from explorer)
- Paste

But, you can't compare two code with two unilogics session open. Shame.

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