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  1. Hello Arvid, As I remember we discussed this case before and the issue was that the connector was not sitting properly.
  2. Hello, when using download link just add ?User=[ST20,ppppp]&Pass=[ST21,ppppp] to the href property as captured below:
  3. Hello, Please send a mail to support@unitronics.com with the application and we will test it.
  4. Hello, Regarding MODBUS RS485: Are you using MODBUS periodic? if yes then what is the interval you are sending the commands and how many commands? In general I suggest to increase the interval first to 1 second or more for example just to check if the problem relates to loading the bus more then it can handle (more than 38400 bits per second). Canopen: Can you explain in more details why do you need to change PDO1? What exactly do you want to map to PDO1? currently for TPDO1 the parameters mapped are status word and control effort.
  5. Hello, As you can see below the characters do exist in the keyboard - in order to get the underscore _ you can press on Shift. BTW please note that in the struct of the data sampling you can change the file name in "File Name" tag.
  6. Hello, You can use the data table widget to show the column of the food - Then when touching the area of the index the selected row tag will contain the value of the index. Now you can read from the table this value according to the select row tag: The name of the data table needs to be entered manually.
  7. Hello, I want to point that you can use the EXF-RC15 (Remote high speed IO ) on order to use PTO. The EXF-RC15 will be connected by CANBUS to the UniStream. The EXF-RC15 can be programmed in VisiLogic. Attached is an example. UniStream_070_exf-rc15_PTO_plus_jogging_two_channels new.ulprEXF-RC15 PTO plus jogging two channel for UniLogic examples.vlp
  8. If you wish to link the IO data to your Ethernet/IP configuration - just click on the green "Empty" of the Input or output to get the list of the tags in the system. In the list you will find also the UID-W1616T - Now you can choose it and select the inputs or outputs, if you wish to link the whole array just use the back space to delete the bracket and press enter.
  9. Hello, As you mentioned you dont have to use PID Autotune. You can directly use the RUN PID Ladder element. when using the PID RUN , you will need to configure the struct PID Config (non -retained struct) - there you can enter the parameters you wish to use. Once you got good results, you can use the save PID to save to the struct PID AT params (retained struct) . When the PLC powers up you can load the parameters from the PID AT params to PID config.
  10. Hello, In order to get the best appearance you need to create the background image in the resolution of the configured webserver. As you know you can change the height and width of the webpage in UniLogic.
  11. There is no option to change the ESMTP/SMTP protocol from UniLogic. Basically we are using standard SMTP/ESMTP protocol and never got complaint about it. You can try using other mail server (he can use public mail server such as Gmail, Hotmail etc..)
  12. Hello, Can you explain in more details what is the task you need to accomplish? Please note that IO module UID-0808THS support scenarions. A Scenario is a pre-configured implementation of specific functions. A Scenari displays an illustration that shows the exact functions it will carry out, and the I/Os that the functions will use.
  13. Hello, The length of the IP address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx for string is 15 and up. The IP address tag in the struct of remote slave is not editable. If you wish to change to the Remote Slave ID or Slave IP directly from the HMI (without downloading application) follow the below steps: Go to UniApps Select Network Tab and then MODBUS: 3. Select Ethernet Master or Serial master. Then press on the slave ID or IP that you wish to change: 4. Virtual keypad will appear - change to the required ID or IP and press on Ok, Now UniStream as MODBUS master will connect to the required ID or IP.
  14. Hello, First I want to point that the MODBUS Advanced functions are only when the UniStream perform as master. If I understand you right, the UniStream is MODBUS slave and the SCADA is the MODBUS master. In this case after preparing the list of registers/coils in the slave configuration, you can export it to Excel so that the you can provide it to the SCADA programmer. As you mentioned indeed the export option is already supported: Can you explain what exactly you wish to import?
  15. Ofir

    Boolean to HMI

    Hello, Basically you can first use Bit to Num ladder element to store the inputs array into a integer register. Then write the value of the register to the data table. Now in the data table you can right click on the cell of the integer column - select format: Then choose Binary: Now your column will be shown as Binary format on the HMI.
  16. Hello, I just wanted to add that there is a video tutorial that explains how to use EX-RC1 with UniStream:
  17. Hello, Currently UniStream does not support DHCP – You need to set static IP address. Please note that if IP address of a unit will be changed –the operator will not be able to know the new IP address of the Unit.
  18. Hello, If when the system reads the Real number you are not getting the correct value , you can swap the bytes to other register and then link this register to the MODBUS. you can find the swap ladder element in Logic menu:
  19. Hello Swervomotor, We added your request to the list. We hope that in the next release the option of duplicating a tag in a Struct will be available.
  20. Hello, We are not familiar with such issue. Which firmware version is installed on UniStream? Did you try to cycle power the UniStream? If after power cycle it still cannot connect then send a mail to support@unitronics.com with the application and we will try to test it here.
  21. Hi, First check that your signal quality is more than 14. Also you need to check that the IP address and port you are trying to access are available - you can use a PC which is in the internet and try to access this IP and port via telnet.
  22. V130 has a built-in serial port that support RS232/RS485. (The selection is done via jumper)
  23. Hi, The ldb file is a kind of a data base file of the project - you dont need to use. when you close DataXport this file should disappear. When running DataXport - what is the message you get in the log window?
  24. Hi, You will need to take care to mark the timer as retained. (You can do it from the Timers tab)
  25. Hi, if you wish to enter a new value to a timer on the screen, you can use the Timer box element and not Numeric box. You can determine the format of the timer and then when the operator touch the timer it will open a keypad to enter the value and will show the format of each field.
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