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  2. News and Announcements

    1. Latest Release! UniLogic V1.28 introduces Motion & OPC-UA   (21,236 visits to this link)

      Unitronics fall release for 2019 launches a major addition to our All-in-One Solution: Motion Control. Our full range of Servos and Motors is easily programmed in UniLogic; the Ladder editor offers PLCopen-compliant MC Function Blocks. In addition, Unitronics supplies you with Ready-made Motion code; this enables you to immediately get moving with your Motion system.

      UniLogic greatly simplifies servo applications by enabling you to:

      •  Drag & drop drives and motors into your project: UniLogic automatically defines the correct configuration and automatically sets up communications for you
      •  Add up to 8 Axes, drag & drop actuators; UniLogic automatically converts units
      •  Benefit from automatic calculations: UniLogic analyzes the mechanical properties of your selections and recommends safe values
      •  Use the Ready-made Motion application to execute movements, such as Point-to-Point, Jog, and Homing--you can open this application and edit as needed to adapt it to your motion requirements
      •  Program Motion Control via drag & drop, using industry standard motion Function Blocks (PLCopen)
      •  Tune your system using a single parameter
      •  Diagnostics: View servo run-time performance via UniLogic’s built-in powerful, high-speed scope

      Another major feature of this release is OPC UA - UniStream controllers can now act as OPC UA servers.


      Click here to see the full list of version changes. 

      Click here to download the latest version of UniLogic.



    2. VisiLogic:9.8.64 - Link to mobile app, Ladder: 2x the Space!   (15,060 visits to this link)

      This major release introduces a number of new features that will boost your productivity, such as wide Ladder nets and dynamic I/O configurations.

      In addition, when you install this version and open it for the first time, a pop-up will allow you to access app store links for Unitronics’ Remote Operator for Mobile app. For the complete rundown, read the version changes at https://unitronicsplc.com/software-visilogic/

    3. New!!! ***** U90 Ladder*****   (9,973 visits to this link)

      U90 Ladder 6.3.0, OS 2.20 B00 supports new Jazz models JZ20-R10, JZ20-R16, and JZ20-R31 in Hardware Configuration. These models are 30x faster than JZ10 models,  have twice the memory,  comprise integral USB programming ports.
      Read the version changes at: https://unitronicsplc.com/software-u90-for-programmable-controllers/

  3. UniStream HMI + PLC Programmable Controllers & UniLogic Software

    1. UniStream: Hardware

      This is the place for all things Hardware: UniStream HMI panels, CPUs, I/O and COM modules

    2. UniLogic Software

      Receive and share information about UniLogic, the application software for the UniStream control platform

    3. UniLogic UDFBs

      Want to share a UDFB? Here's the place!
      NOTE: This page contains files and links to items developed by third parties. Unitronics bears no responsibility for any consequences of accessing and using any third-party items of any kind.

    4. Industry 4.0, IioT, MQTT, OPC UA

      Open discussion on Industry 4.0, IioT, and MQTT

  4. Vision, Samba, Jazz and M90 PLC + HMIs & Software

    1. Vision & Samba PLC + HMI Controllers & VisiLogic Software

      Welcome to the Vision and Samba series forum
      Talk about issues related to the Vision and Samba PLC + HMI series and to VisiLogic software

    2. Jazz, M91 PLCs and U90Ladder

      Talk about issues related to Jazz, M91 PLCs, and the U90Ladder software

  5. Software Utilities

    1. SD Card Suite

      Enhanced Vision OPLCs support SD cards that enable application data to be stored and remotely accessed.
      SD Suite enables you to view and manipulate that data, as well as format cards and perform other tasks.
      Note that SD Cards also enable , complex web-page hosting, and application cloning between OPLCs.

    2. Remote Operator

      Remote Operator enables you to use a PC to view and work with a remote controller's HMI panel.
      You can define any number of controllers, then open multiple sessions to view them simultaneously, while docking or cascading windows according to your preferences.

    3. Remote Access

      Remote Access enables you to use a PC to access remote Vision, M90/91, and Jazz OPLCs.
      Remote Access includes UniDownload Designer, and Operand and Data Tables access.

    4. DataXport and DataXls

      DataXport creates logs of run-time or stored data from Data Tables and operand regions within Unitronics PLCs. DataXport saves the data logs in .ulp format. You can open these data logs using DataXport's companion application, DataXls, and then export the data to Excel files.

    5. UniDownloader

      This tool downloads compressed control applications to local or remote Unitronics controllers. You generate a compressed application from within either U90 Ladder or VisiLogic. Your end user will be able to download the application, but will not be able to view or modify it. The tool can download applications and OS.

    6. UniOPC

      UniOPC Server (Unitronics OPC Server) enables you to read and write data between Unitronics OPLCs and applications that support OPC, such as SCADA programs.

    7. UniDDE

      UniDDE (Unitronics Dynamic Data Exchange) enables you to read and write data between Unitronics OPLCs and applications that support DDE, such as Excel.

  6. Utilities for .net and Visual Studio

    1. Unitronics PCOM Protocol

      Unitronics PCOM Protocol
      This describes the telegrams used to communicate data between PC and OPLC.

    2. COM Object ActiveX .dll

      COM Object ActiveX .dll
      This zip file contains an ActiveX .dll file that can be used to implement SCADA. UnCmDrv1.dll file contains methods and properties for invoking the OPLC, read / write, locally or remotely, implementation examples, and an explanation of accessing Data Tables.

    3. .NET driver

      Unitronics communication driver for .net.

  7. Project Design

    1. ...I have a project...what hardware do I need?

      Ask the Unitronics staff for recommendations regarding controller type, I/O configuration, and communication methods.

  8. User Application Stories

    1. Just finished a great project?

      This is the place to tell us about it!

  9. Tips and Tricks

    1. Best Programming Practices

      Tips from Unitronics gurus

    2. Tips and Tricks

      This is where you can post items of interest that are not covered by other forum sections.

  10. Job Board

    1. Projects seeking Programmers

      If you are in need of a paid programmer to write your Unitronics’ project, post here to look for someone in your area.
      **Disclaimer: Unitronics bears no responsibility. This is just a place for people to find each other**

    2. Programmers seeking Projects

      If you are a Unitronics programming guru looking for projects, post here to look for someone in your area.
      **Disclaimer: Unitronics bears no responsibility. This is just a place for people to find each other**

  11. General Discussion

    1. We're Listening...

      This is the place for general feedback

    2. The Lounge

      Grab your preferred beverage and have a seat. Want to tell a nerdy binary-based joke? Argue the merits of Heinlein vs Spinrad? This is the place.

      Play nicely--NO FLAMING. KEEP IT CLEAN. Enjoy :-)

  • Blog Entries

    • By Cara Bereck Levy in Unitronics' Blog: PLCs, HMIs and more 0
      People--if you are doing Motion Application, you definitely want to attend this webinar!
      And if you're not--you STILL want to attend, because once you see how simple we have made it, you will be able to enter the world of Motion!
      -------And so, we invite you to:
      Remote Motion Control: Servo Applications During Crisis   What if you - or your staff - CAN’T travel to your installation site?   No worries. Unitronics has you covered.   Join Unitronics’ expert in Motion applications to learn how pairing UniStream controllers with Unitronics Servos empowers you to carry out motion application tasks – REMOTELY!   Monday April 27   9:00 am CEST 3:00 pm CST 8:00 am BST   7:00 am PT 9:00 am CDT 10:00 am ET     In this free webinar our Motion Solution expert will show you how to remotely implement Unitronics Servo made Simple, from the comfort of your office or home.   Servo Made Simple enables you OFFSITE to: Configure and commission all aspects of Motion Control  Instantly setup communications between all Motion Control components  Use Ready-Made Motion Code: Supplied at purchase, to start moving instantly:
         -Point-to-Point , Jog, Homing  Run diagnostic tests & tune motion quickly and easily   TAKING ACTION: CONTROL FROM ANYWHERE, AT ANYTIME   Today, more than ever before, you need offsite access, the ability to access your control applications from anywhere, at anytime.    Learn Best Remote Access Practices – just click below!                  
    • By Cara Bereck Levy in Unitronics' Blog: PLCs, HMIs and more 0
      Hi people!
      I wanted to remind you that there is still time to register for our upcoming webinars--and if you missed them, have no fear, we post them all! 
      To register, or to check out a recording, go here: 
      Past Webinars are marked with Recording, Upcoming Webinars are marked with Register.

    • By Cara Bereck Levy in Unitronics' Blog: PLCs, HMIs and more 2
      Well, people, if your projects are currently on hold--make good use of your time!
      We are preparing webinars for all levels: whether you are a newbie to Unitronics or a power-user, we will have a webinar for you.
      Here are some upcoming titles and times=======================================
        Kicking Off The Locked-In Learning Series!
      UniStream® and Vision™  Hardware & Software Introduction
      We've got the whole month of April packed with webinars
      >> Scroll to the bottom to see the full schedule <<
        UniStream® Hardware & Software Introduction
      1:00 pm ET
      10:00 am PT

        Vision™ Hardware & Software Introduction
      1:00 pm ET
      10:00 am PT

        UniStream® and Vision™
      Hardware & Software Introduction
      Total Control
      PLC • HMI • I/O • VFD • SERVO • 
      UniLogic® Studio for UniStream® and  VisiLogic™ Studio for Vision™ & Samba™  All-in-One software
       Hardware and communication configuration
        Ladder and HMI applications.
        Remotely Access your PLC
      Slash your Development Time by 50%
        Full Schedule
      Hardware  & Software Introduction:
      Tuesday 4/7
      Thursday 4/9
      Ladder, HMI, Memory:
      Tuesday 4/14
      Thursday 4/16
      Data Logging:
      Tuesday 4/21
      Thursday 4/23
      Tuesday 4/28
      Thursday 4/30
    • By Cara Bereck Levy in Unitronics' Blog: PLCs, HMIs and more 0
      People--If you are involved, or want to get involved with one of these projects--let us help!!!
      (BTW, I spent some time lurking on on of the SLACK forums devoted to this subject--and let me tell you: "Geeks will save us all". Just amazing, the level of collaboration and thinking-out-of-the-box, AMAZING )
      On to our official invitation:====================================================================
      Partnering to Combat the Global Medical Ventilator Shortage   One Integrated Solution for Precise Medical Ventilator Control & Automation   Rapidly achieve CONTROL of any Ventilator requirement with Unitronics   Global Challenge: Rapid Ventilator Production Ventilators save lives—and there is a world-wide shortage. The global pandemic crisis is creating a vast surge of severely ill patients whose only hope for survival is mechanical ventilation. Medical procurement agents are in fierce competition to purchase ventilators, factories are retooling to produce them, and grassroots engineering initiatives are in full swing. Never before has the global village been so united against a common threat.   Unitronics Meets the Challenge: Easy Automated Ventilator Control The requirements of ventilator control are complex. Note that any ventilation mode, invasive or non-invasive, can be easily automated with Unitronics PLCs in order to comply with changes in recommended treatment.         Operate Panel while Gloved
      Clear Status View
      Proven High Performance
      Color TOUCH Displays
      24/7 Technical Support
      Flexible & Customizable
      Immediate Product Supply
      Alarms: Audible & Visual
      Easy Integration with Any CPR System
      Compact & Low Weight
      Notifications sent to Mobile
      Easy to Use
      Unitronics is committed to the global effort to develop and produce ventilators for the health crisis. Our team of professional Support Engineers is standing by, ready to help you evaluate, plan, and progress with your medical ventilator project or production.
    • By Cara Bereck Levy in Unitronics' Blog: PLCs, HMIs and more 0
      Download our webinar: 
      Remotely Access your Unitronics PLC   Control During Crisis
      People, don't miss out!
      Even if you missed attending our webinar, you can still download the recorded webinar – to improve your skills without missing a beat!
      Stay tuned for our upcoming webinars – these are a great way for you to sharpen your skills, learn to work more efficiently, and improve your ability to meet upcoming business challenges
      Click below to download the recording

      Recorded Webinar Content
      Coronavirus Lockdown! You CAN reach your PLCWithout leaving home!
      No matter how perfectly you plan your project, how impeccably you implement automation, you must be prepared for the unexpected:
       System error? Burned out peripheral? Pump jammed?
      Where is the Operator?
       Production order changed, increased, cancelled?
      Where is the Production Manager?
      Remote PLC Access and Control is absolutely vital to you and your customers. 
      How to implement Remote Access using different controller families in order to execute different tasks. Subjects include:
      Controlling and Monitoring your Application from Anywhere
             Learn how to connect to your controller from your mobile or PC via VNC, mobile app, or web-browser.
       Remote Troubleshooting
             Is your machine or application malfunctioning? Your support technicians can connect to it in real time and take immediate action.
       Setting Up a System – Remotely
             Are you a system integrator who needs to set up a machine or system at the customer site? You can access your system and run setup without being physically present.
      Dynamic Recipe Modifications – Off-site
             Do you need to change a production recipe, fast? UniStream’s FTP Server enables you to transfer files to the PLC to modify the recipe and automatically enable the PLC to carry out the task.
      Updating Software – Remotely 
              Are there changes, or have feature been added to your system? You can execute updates remotely via UniLogic, VisiLogic, or the UniDownloader utility depending on your controller family.
      Alerting Your Staff
             You can easily set up notification groups for Managers, Supervisors, Operators, etc, and send alerts to mobile or PC - via SMS, email, mobile app, the cloud via MQTT and more.
      Safeguarding HMI Access
             When your staff accesses a UniStream HMI remotely, you can limit who sees what, and whether they can perform specific action via UAC – User-controlled Access.
      Additional Unitronics Benefits:
      When you use Unitronics, you also benefit from:
      No licensing costs Saving on time and costs Monitor systems globally-  Just like being on site Fewer maintenance visits, better control and improved service to your customers  TAKING ACTION: CONTROL

      Today, more than ever before, you need offsite access, the ability to access your control applications from anywhere, at any time, because in the immortal words of Murphy:
      "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.." 
       Learn Best Remote Access Practices – just click below!

              STAY CONNECTED:

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